Oil Tank Evolution

Oil tanks have evolved, just like cars, they are safer (fewer spills) and
more reliable.

While tank use has declined dramatically in BC they are still used in a
variety of capacities. Rural areas without natural gas still use oil for
their furnaces, Vancouver Island has a lot of oil tanks in use. Here in
Greater Vancouver most active tanks would be used to fire generators for
emergency or backup use.

At Stormworks we see state of the art double walled steel tanks or
fibreglass tanks, both with electronic monitoring systems- that alert the
tank user to any leakage.

PVC coatings are used to coat feed and venting pipes – this covering
prevents rust from forming on the pipes. With these new innovations tank
manufacturers offer warranties up to 30 years. While oil tanks are
relics from the past the modern version well be with us for a long time.

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